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About Us

RawWood Shades Grand Rapids, MichiganRawWood Shades Co. originated as a brand to create unique sunglasses that we wanted to use ourselves. Our vision is to create sustainable products that you can travel the world with, and be a conversation starter to the people you meet on your adventures. We believe in sustainability, adventure, and affordability. RawWood is the creative collaboration of a small team based in Grand Rapids, near the Third Coast in Michigan.

Our bamboo sunglasses are made of high-quality natural bamboo. (better than petroleum-based plastic, don't you think?) And they even float, so dive on in.

Oh yeah, did we mention that we plant one tree for every single pair of sunglasses or watch we sell? We are grateful to be working with Trees for the Future to plant trees in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Check out their mission and values at Trees for the Future.

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Nick Mortimer