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Why Do We Plant Trees?

Why Trees?

Most of our sunglasses are made out of bamboo, which isn't technically a tree. So why do we plant trees? Simply put, trees change lives. Trees can provide a way out of poverty for farmers worldwide. We believe in this practice, and we've made a pledge to help plant a tree with every purchase. A 10 year-old tree can absorb 48 pounds of CO2 a year. And young trees can absorb around 10 pounds a year, so your purchase can have an impact nearly instantaneously! 

Is That All?

Trees help stabilize ecosystems. They protect against erosion as well as give us air to breathe. They can also help remove ozone in urban areas. We believe in replenishing the trees we've destroyed via urbanization. Every little bit helps.

Where Do We Plant Trees?

We've planted trees worldwide. Currently, most efforts are focused on Sub-Saharan Africa, as these programs help revitalize the vital ecosystem as well as provide a way out of poverty for local farmers.