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Planting Trees with Trees for the Future

April 13, 2017

Planting Trees with Trees for the Future

We plant a tree for every product we sell 

This effort means a lot to us here at RawWood. We take environmental issues very seriously, and try to do our best to help. ​Trees for the Future does amazing work. We are wholeheartedly behind their efforts.

DeforestationPlant trees
TreesUnfortunately, deforestation is a happening at an alarming rate across the globe. We plant trees to: Reverse environmental degradation. Restore biodiversity. Remove megatons of greenhouse gases from the environment. The list goes on and on...

We can't save the environment by just planting trees however. We urge you to get involved locally, and make any little difference you can.  Check out this article for easy tips you can implement today! :

Check out Trees for the Future and how to help their cause! We all want this planet to remain beautiful for our coming generations. We urge you to do your part! Whether than means buying a pair of wooden sunglasses over a petroleum-based plastic pair, or riding your bike to work today. Whichever you do, we give you props, its not always easy, but it is best!